Camps, or ‘summer camps,’ are run all the across the globe, mainly for children and teenagers, though some also cater for adults. They can run for anywhere from a week through to a few months, and provide ‘campers’ an opportunity to have fun, meet new people and develop new skills. In America for example, there are thousands of camp and they all fall into different categories and offer different things. There are Private Camps, Day Camps, Single Sex Camps, Girl Scout Camps, Christian Camps, Jewish Camps and also Camps for the Underprivileged. All camps are run by adult supervisors who are assigned to small groups and lead their campers through fun and varied daily activities. Permanent employees of the camps organise the day to day running, prepare supplies and maintain the grounds when campers are not there. Seasonal hiring of staff is carried out and often this is well in advance of the camp start date.

So why should you apply to work for one?

Showcase your talent – and get paid to do it – in areas such sports, art, drama, music, water activities and many more. Working for a camp will offer so much more than just a job and the benefits are endless. It will provide you with a priceless skillset to add to your future CV and there are also the personal gains such as developing lifelong bonds, with people from all around the globe, and exploring a new country and its culture. Oh, and your accommodation, meals and sometimes all travel costs are thrown in!