The type of accommodation you choose can have a major impact on your first impressions of a place and how you feel about it. If it’s your first time going abroad do your research, then do it again. Read reviews, talk with people, triple check the location and if the price is too good to be true, it probably is!

Hostels – the dictionary definition of one isan establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travellers.” When you book one though, remember you are usually paying for a bed, not a room and you may find yourself sharing a room (and a bathroom) with anywhere from one to twenty people. Some do offer single rooms, but as you can imagine, they are almost always permanently taken. Hostels are located everywhere around the globe and should include a free, simple breakfast and/or kitchen facilities for cooking. They can be a fantastic environment to meet a range of people from all across the world and are usually in partnership with local businesses offering discounts on a huge range of activities. So if lack of privacy doesn’t bother you, this form of accommodation is perfect, but once again, triple-check on the Hostel’s location and pack a pair of flip-flops for the shower!

Hotels – not as social as hostels, if that’s what you are looking for, but on the flip-side, will provide a lot more privacy and rooms are serviced daily. You can find one to suit everyone from the budget-friendly to the luxurious. Hotels often offer discounts if you book a few nights in row may even throw in breakfast. Remember also that rooms are discounted further late in the day, as they would rather have the room full than left vacant. If you are renting transport, most will have car parking available which is another added bonus. Motels are basically the same, however tend to be out in more rural areas, and because of their location are cheaper.

Bed & Breakfasts – known as B&B’s, these are usually privately owned properties that include guest’s accommodation within them. Great for a night or two, they will include, as the name suggest, a home-cooked breakfast, and the owner will live on-site.

Campsites – something to consider if you want to travel through more remote destinations, or prefer a more sustainable approach to travel. The up-side to camping is, once you are set up with equipment, it is really cheap and you can do it almost anywhere. The downside is, that if you don’t want to carry your home and its contents around everywhere, you will need some form of transport. Campervans are a great option for this type of travel as you and your home move around the country together. If you opt for camping, always pre plan your journey and check the campsites opening/closing hours.

Room Rentals – similar to homestay type accommodation and usually offered on a short-term basis, where a room is rented in someone else’s house or apartment.

Farm-stays – popular with backpackers of all ages in Europe, Australia and New Zealand where accommodation and meals are exchanged in return for various types of farm work.

Finally, don’t rule out other jobs that may include accommodation like hospitality work in pubs, resorts and themeparks. Also make sure you book through reputable sources so you won’t be disappointed. To search through our Live Job Board, CLICK HERE.


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