If you are thinking of how to fund your working holiday in Australia, seasonal fruit picking may be an option. Many backpackers choose to do this as it classed as ‘regional work’ and if done for a minimum of 3 months, allows you to apply for a further years stay. On top of the added funds into your bank account to continue your travels, fruit picking is a fantastic way to see the beautiful landscapes of Australia that many first-time visitors would not normally see. Because of it’s sheer size, differences in climate and types of crops within Australia, there is always work somewhere within this industry, also known as ‘harvest’ work.  Another bonus – your room and board are usually covered. Do not be fooled though, this is some of the most hardest, dirtiest work and can be very physically demanding, so not well suited for the unfit. Australia is also very hot, so be prepared to spend long amounts of time in the burning sun. Keeping well hydrated and your skin protected from sunburn is essential!

Getting paid as a fruit picker can happen in two ways – it is either based on the amount of fruit you have picked, or per every hour that you work. The wages are based on the Australia Standard wage rate for casual farm work. Minimum wage for harvest work in Australia is AUD$21.6 per hour.

If you will be in New Zealand for more than a few months, WWOOFING (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is well worth a look. It provides a fantastic way to explore the ‘out of the way’ places and its also the perfect way to meet fellow travellers, unique locals and boost your funds. To view the Australian Harvest Guide, CLICK HERE.