An economic powerhouse and a former colony of the British Empire, this vibrant, highly populated, dense, harbour city has more skyscrapers than New Yorconv104k City. It is a rich melting pot of cultures from around the globe. Locals believe that through hard work, riches will follow, hence they are energetic and fast, with English and Cantonese being the two official languages. Stirred in with all the concrete and glass, there are glimpses into its former beginnings as a fishing village. Victoria Harbour, also one of the world’s
busiest ports, is bustling with all types of craft from cruise liners to traditional wooden fishing bconv349oats. On a clear day, Victoria Peak gives you a perspective of the sheer vastness of Hong Kong. Go shopping at the popular Stanley or Temple Street Night Market, catch a ferry to Kowloon, visit Disneyland or go spot some pink dolphins. So much more than just the city, Hong Kong has some out of the way places offering hiking, water sports and camping. And don’t miss the spectacular Symphony of Light – involving around 40 buildings and on daily – which is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. This city is food-obsessed and offers up the traditional or an East meets West fusion. There are over 12000 restaurants in Hong Kong, each more drool-worthy than the other.