Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage - The Essentials

Gathered to many memories on your Working.Holiday? Don’t want to leave anything behind? Don’t want to pay the huge costs of posting your possessions internationally?

The answer is to get your belongings home with Excess Baggage. It costs less than you think to make this happen and we have partnered with one of the industries best.

When you travel abroad, the airline you fly with will set a weight allowance for your luggage, which on average is 20kg. When you plan to be overseas for a prolonged time, this weight is often not adequate enough for the passenger’s needs. Any additional belongings you want to take that exceed this limit are then classed as excess baggage, whether this is two suitcases of clothes, a single box of treasured possessions or a set of golf clubs…anything!

Excess Baggage

Our Express Baggage Service is ideal if you have any urgent parcels, boxes or carton’s that you would like to send to your destination as quickly as possible. Whether it’s the vital necessities you need to start work, items for your new home, or your golf clubs, the express baggage service offers a no fuss, no delay service. If you would like an instant quote, please use our express baggage calculator.

Cost of Excess Baggage

As with the permitted baggage weight, charges for any excess baggage are set and charged entirely at the discretion of the airline. You have the opportunity to pay a fixed rate and add on an additional suitcase before you fly, although this is not always an option and the weight of the extra bag is limited. Any bags that are not pre-paid for or bags that exceed the authorised weight will then face excess baggage fees. These are commonly charged per kilogram of extra weight and are known to be rather extortionate. Using the PSS Removals excess baggage services will allow you to take everything you want for a fraction of the airline price!

About PSS Removals Excess Baggage

Our accreditations from FAIM quality standard and FIDI Global Alliance highlight our professionalism and standing as a leading excess baggage company. Furthermore, we are backed by the British Association of Removers and financially bonded by the IMMI Payment guarantee scheme, meaning all clients have full confidence and reassurance when excess baggage shipping with us.

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