Asia - Earths Largest Continent

The biggest continent in the world, with the largest population, home of giant pandas, elephants, tigers, king cobras and the highest mountains on Earth. Go engage in a cultural, spiritual experience like no other, where your senses will explode.


The biggest continent in the world, with the largest population, home of giant pandas, elephants, tigers, king cobras and the highest mountains on Earth. Go engage in a cultural, spiritual experience like no other, where your senses will explode.

Thailand is Backpacker heaven and it’s guaranteed that if you go once, you will definitely return and not just because of how cheap everything is either. Beaches here are postcard perfect, the food will put you into sensory overload, and the people are some of the happiest and friendliest on the planet.

Bangkok the capital, is an explosion of traffic, noise, skyscrapers and shopping. Throw into this mix are ornate temples, sprawling palaces and floating markets.

Phuket – the beach lined with shops and bars, delicious food, water sports galore, Big Buddha, serene temples and sunsets you will not forget.

Ko Phangan – known for its once-a-month explosive Full Moon Party which sees thousands of people party their pants off.

Ko Phi Phi – also another island where the nightlife won’t disappoint, but where you can also try your hand at diving, sailing or trekking through some of the amazing rock formations.

Ko Samui – luxury resorts and spas, a rowdy nightclub scene, backpackers, white sand beaches with crystal clear water, coconut trees, waterfalls and people from all walks of life to be found here.

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Put aside the fact that this country remains one the poorest, with the harrowing memories still felt from the Khmer Rouge’s reign. The people here remain some of Asia’s most welcoming and friendliest. Nestled between its more popular neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia will impress with its warmth and hospitality.

Phnom Penh is the capital and is still acquiring high rise buildings and western style shopping malls, though you can get totally get caught up in the city’s street life and experience authentic South East Asian culture. Visit the Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Museum or the Killing Fields (but prepare yourself first).

Siem Reap is laid back and affable, stay here to experience ancient Angkor Temples, still remarkably well preserved, which no photo will do justice or adjectives describe.

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China is massive, the most populated country on Earth and an economic giant.

Do something different. Walk through rooms where ancient emperor’s lived in the Forbidden City, stand with the Terracotta Warriors, walk along the Great Wall, or do the best hike in the world, as per National Geographic, at Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Beijing – surprisingly flat, with few hills, lose yourself in its furious pace and explore the capitals ancient and notorious past and new, modern developments. With its numerous historical monuments, user- friendly transport system, outdoor markets and colourful nightlife, there is plenty to see.

Shanghai – ginormous, surprisingly clean and westernised, its where the cool and hip choose to live. It still retains some of its unusual colonial past, and every open space is filled with greenery. Go to the old part of the city, which has quieter streets, perfect for a walking tour, visit Longhua Temple for a spiritual experience, head to the top of the Shanghai Tower or shop in Nanjing Road.

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Hong Kong

An economic powerhouse and a former colony of the British Empire, this vibrant, highly populated, dense, harbour city has more skyscrapers – in fact almost double the amount – than New York City. Locals are hard working, energetic and fast, with English and Cantonese being the two official languages. Stirred in with all the concrete and glass, there are glimpses into its former beginnings as a fishing village. Victoria Harbour, also one of the worlds busiest ports, is bustling with all types of craft from cruise liners to traditional wooden fishing boats.

On a clear day, Victoria Peak gives you a perspective of the sheer vastness of Hong Kong, go shopping at the popular Stanley or Temple Street Night Market, catch a ferry to Kowloon or go spot some pink dolphins.

So much more than just the city, Hong Kong has some out of the way places offering hiking, water sports and camping. And don’t miss the spectacular Symphony of Light – involving around 40 buildings and on daily – which is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show.


From the ice-covered peaks of the Himalayas, to the sumptuous greenery of Kerala, to a monument built from love, this country will leave you bewildered. Its colourful, utterly chaotic and spiritual. Not a place for the faint hearted, with shocking areas of poverty, wandering cows, noise and dirt. Look past this though, take it slow, see the beauty and embrace the chaos.

Mumbai – Explore the many bazaars, local festivals, visit the Elephant Caves, a behind the scenes Bollywood tour or just walk around and marvel at the very beautiful colonial architecture.

Delhi – Said to be one of the oldest existing cities in the world, with remains of ancient cities nestled among the new. This results in a myriad of hidden treasures to explore amongst the madness of India’s capital. Sample (or just enjoy the aromas of) the tantalising street food, shop for designer duds, silk sari’s and be amazed at how many family members can fit on a moped.

Manali – A popular tourist spot for both Indians and foreigners, nestled in the lush Beas valley and surrounded on all sides by towering peaks. Go here for mountaineering, river rafting, heli-skiing, to meander around the villages, or just to relax and take time out from the chaos of India’s cities.

Himalayas – Enchanting beauty, exotic wildlife, snow that never melts, the highest peak in the world and a spiritual experience like no other…enough said.

Goa – When you think of India, you may not have images of sparkling waters, white sandy beaches or swaying palm trees, but this is Goa. See a herd of water buffalo, go to a spice plantation, or take in the World Heritage listed convents and churches.

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Sharing a border with Thailand, Malaysia is a mix of cultures, unbeatable street food, religious festivals, beautiful beaches and national parks.

Kuala Lumpur – a mix of modern towering skyscrapers, noise, traffic, temples, street markets and greenery. Home of the Petronas Twin Towers, the Batu caves (with the 272 steps included) where the Hindu festival of Thaipusam attracts thousands of people. Visit China Town, a bargain hunter’s paradise, or be adventurous at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Penang Island – modern, with old world charm, go here to worship the sun and the sea. Weave through the historic, narrow streets of Georgetown or take the cable car up to the top of Penang Hill and trek your way back down. There are also an array of flea markets and modern shopping malls.

Langkawi – Go here and get off the beaten track. Go scuba diving, joy ride in a helicopter, feed an eagle, traipse through the jungle, or visit the Seven Wells waterfall.


Known for its ridiculously clean streets and enforced discipline, this tiny island republic was once a fishing village and is now a thriving fusion of the old and new. Even before you’ve left the airport (consistently voted the best in the world) and depending on which terminal you are in, you will have seen flower gardens, play areas, a rainforest, a rooftop swimming pool, a waterfall, a butterfly garden, a movie theatre, a giant slide and so many shops and restaurant’s you’ll think you’re in the city already.

Singapore is incredibly safe, everyone speaks English and the street food won’t make you sick. Its also one of the greenest cities, with areas within its urban sprawl reserved for nature only and restrictions placed on the number of cars allowed onto the island.

Go see the world’s biggest indoor waterfall, Little India, Raffles Hotel, Singapore Zoo, get in some beach time at Sentosa Island, or visit Universal Studios.


Delve into its bitter past, or just see this country for the splendour in which it is today.  Streets buzzing with mopeds, lush vegetation, water buffalo ploughing fields, cavernous mountains, white sand beaches, smiles that are genuine and a serenity that will flabbergast you.

Hanoi – Get lost among the ancient streets of the Old Quarter, do a twilight walk around Hoan Kiem Lake, take in a traditional water puppet show or visit the peaceful tree lined promenades of the French Quarter. And don’t forget – Vietnamese food is one of tastiest, healthiest cuisines on the planet!

Hoi An – perfect for sampling some of that culinary delight, or take one of the many bicycle or boat trips available to witness remarkable scenery.

Ho Chi Minh City – the former Saigon, this city is Vietnams business capital. Enjoy it by night atop one of the many sky bars, swing by a theme park, or take a tour on the Saigon River.

Sapa – a base for hikers to set off and take in the views (on a clear day) atop Mt. Fansipan, the highest point of Vietnam. Jungle, cloudy oceans, rice fields, summits, colourful locals and the need for an extra large memory card for your camera.

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