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Where will the world take you?

What’s your fancy? Exploring laid back culture and beautiful beaches of Australia. Standing on the edge of a volcano or taking the leap of faith from a bungee cord in New Zealand. Volunteer with elephants in Thailand or being a leader in a summer camp in the USA. The possibilities are endless. Like we said – Whats your fancy?


Put simply, it’s heaven. It’s also multicultural, breathtakingly beautiful, open-minded, extremely laid back and young. There are over 10,000 beaches, more sheep than people. Explore this great country.

New Zealand

Land of the Long White Cloud – The scenery is like nothing you’ve seen before, with volcanoes, beaches, glaciers, mountains and rainforests. It’s the extreme adventure capital of the world, with everything from bungee jumping to white water rafting and canyon jumping.


The biggest continent in the world, with the largest population, home of giant pandas, elephants, tigers, king cobras and the highest mountains on Earth. Go engage in a cultural, spiritual experience like no other, where your senses will explode.


Adrenaline junkie, wildlife devotee, or a lover of the Arts, this country is celebrated for its supermodel good looks, big, clean, safe cities, and very cool things like whale watching, Niagara Falls, Northern Lights and the Rocky Mountains. A must see country in any season.

United States of America

Massive skyscrapers like nothing you’ve ever seen, iconic landmarks from all those movies you’ve watched, sleepy villages, beautiful beaches, Apple computers, Coca-Cola, $1 pizza and gun obsession. America is just so big and bold and very difficult to define because of its astounding diversity.


Amazing animals, beautiful sunsets, vivid green landscapes and sweeping savannahs.  Africa is not just about the wilderness and wildlife but modern cities and the people who influence its culture. This beautiful continent must be explored.