China is massive, the most populated country on Earth and an economic giant.

Do something different. Walk through rooms where ancient emperor’s lived in the Forbidden City, stand with the Terracotta Warriors, walk along the Great Wall, or do one of the best hikes in the world at Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Beijing the Capital dominates the North of China, is surprisingly flat, home to the remnants of its Imperial past, and the bicycle capital of the world. Dazzling shopping malls, innovative modern skyscrapers and a colourful entertainment centre. Go here for China’s legendary line of defense and wonder of the world, the Great Wall. See the largest and best preserved ancient imperial complex in the world, The Forbidden City. There is also the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial palace complex in the world, The Temple of Heaven or Tiananmen Square, where the People’s Republic of China was inaugurated by Chairman Mao (his body still resides there in a display casket). For a glimpse of the old Beijing, do not leave this city without taking a rickshaw through the Hutongs. These are oldest neighbourhoods made up of narrow, maze-like alleyways with preserved traditional courtyard houses. It’s also the place for traditional Chinese performing arts, tumbling acrobats and classical dance that will entrance you. Chinese culture revolves around food and dining out is the main social activity. Simply sit back and witness the pure joy of this. There are so many restaurants your head will spin, though you will be salivating well before you eat.

Shanghai is China’s biggest city. It’s ginormous, surprisingly clean and westernised. It’s where the cool and hip choose to live and still retains some of its unusual colonial past. It’s a blend of East and West and every open space is filled with greenery. Unlike Beijing, which hogs the limelight, Shanghai does not brim with many great sights. Go to the old part of the city, which has quieter streets, perfect for a walking tour, visit Longhua Temple for a spiritual Buddhist experience, head to the top of the Shanghai Tower and get your bearings or shop in Nanjing Road. It’s a fact that the nightlife awesome with everything from jazz, indie, hip-hop and electro dance parties.